Top 10 Fiverr SEO Gigs for Building Backlinks


After several months of hiring many sellers from SEO-related gigs at Fiverr, I'm in the ideal position now to recommend which gigs in particular offer the most competitive rates, excellent service, and fastest delivery of work. Why waste your valuable time and money learning the hard way who to hire through trial and error? 

Since I've used all the gigs listed in this article you can rest assured that you can fully trust each seller to deliver outstanding work, and will fix any existing problem until you're completely satisfied. They are all hardworking and will cheerfully go over and beyond to make you a truly happy client. Usually, they'll give you extra backlinks as a bonus, unasked!

You must realize by now that there exist different types of backlinks that range from guest articles, blog posts, forum postings, blog comments, profiles to citations; all of these will help your URL(s) in ranking with the major search engines. But because I haven't had much luck with blog comments and profiles, I'm not recommending any here.

In addition, I have broken gigs I have used personally into various backlink-building categories so you can choose easily which is more suitable for your URL(s). 

Before you begin reading the rest of this article, if you're interested in any of the sellers I named below, but still is somewhat uncertain whether or not to hire him/her, visit their hyperlinked gig, scroll below and read reviews from other past clients to ultimately decide based on the collective past experiences of real customers.

Guest Articles


The gentleman offers one decently written article for only $5.00 within 3 days. He does an excellent job, and you can expect to find an article that contains your chosen keyword phrases in two contextual backlinks. He writes 700-word articles and then publishes them on DA50 news sites. For more information go to:


The lady writes one article for $5.00 that will contain your keyword in a contextual backlink, and then publishes it on a edu site. You even have the option to choose from a list of hers where you want your backlinks to be inserted. She works fast and delivers within 1 day. She surprised me by giving me 2 articles for the price of one. She's polite and generous. For more information go to


He drafts five 500-word guest articles and publishes them on high DA websites, all for only $5.00, and delivers them in just 2 quick days. He did a fine job with my URL. You can't beat the price! For more information go to

Forum Postings


The young man is a very reliable and hardworking fellow who builds backlinks via forum postings. He does excellent work in creating unique forum posts and will replace missing postings with equal or more forum backlinks to make up for any inconvenience. His plans begin from 20 forum postings for only $5.00. He has done a great job each time I've hired him. I must have hired a little over a dozen sellers who specialize in forum postings, and Zartashlegend is among the best of them. He won't let you down. For more information go to


The gentleman creates manually premium forum postings from high DA unique domains. Like the above seller, Ahsan152 assisted in giving me several backlinks when many other sellers have disappointed me sorely. His basic plan provides 20 forum postings for only $5.00. He's committed and delivers 100% unique postings that contain your chosen keywords along with your URL, hyperlinked. He won't disappoint. For more information go to

Business Listings/Citations


The gentleman offers citations starting at 40 citations for only $10.00. I have hired him four times already and did solid work with each citation. Be sure to submit all required details about your business for best results. For more information go to


The seller's plans start at $10.00 for top 20 citations. He did good work for me, completing the job within a couple of days. For more information go to


The seller has created many citations for a number of URLs in the past. She responds quickly to all inquiries, checks for duplicates, does good work, and offers the lowest rates. Basic plan begins at only $5.00 for 50 USA local citations. For more information go to:

Blog Posts


The seller offers plans that start at 100 blog posts for only $10.00. I hired him twice and gave me well-written blog posts filled with unique content. Of course, each had my chosen keywords hyperlinked. You can't go wrong with Hassan. For more information visit his gigs at


The gentleman offers three plans for building a blog network that harnesses a ton of link juice and transfers it to your URL. His basic plan helped remove my blog site out of "darkness" to page 13th on Google for my main keyword. His basic plan starts at only $10. I highly recommend his gig. For more information go to

Practical Tips

If any seller emails with offers, asks you to order, or just greets you, return the greeting. Decline offers if you must, but never be rude. Why begin a vicious cycle that can potentially impact you later in a negative manner?

If you can't afford to tip a seller, consider at least giving him/her an honest assessment of the work s/he has just completed for you.

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