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Clif Builders - Protein Bars - Cinnamon Nut Swirl - 20g Protein (2.4 Ounce, 12 Count) (Now Gluten Free)
Clif Builders Protein Bars cost for a box of 6 protein bars is reasonable. These bars that come in various flavors such as chocolate peanut butter, chocolate, and chocolate mint, contain high quality, non-GMO, plant-based ingredients to sustain levels of energy longer. Each protein bar that has 20 grams, also has 270 calories. These protein bars are vegan with no caffeine.


brown rice syrup, rolled oats, soy protein isolate, cane sugar, soy flour, rice flour, oat fiber, sunflower oil, sea salt

Clif Bar FAQ

Q:  What do Clif bars actually do?
A:  Clif Bars are designed for individuals who need a quick burst of energy before, during, or after a workout. High in calories, they contain 44 grams of carbohydrates for fueling your muscles or replenishing your glycogen stores.

Q:  What type of protein is in each Clif bar?
A:  As a protein powerhouse, each Clif bar is a great pre/post-workout option. With 20 grams of complete protein, from soy protein isolate, Clif bars provide everything you require to help your muscles rebuild and recover from an intense training session.

Q:  Are Clif bars good for building muscles?
A:  Yes. Clif Builders bars help repair and build muscle.

Q:  Should you eat Clif Bars every day?
A:  Because of the high sugar content in Clif bars, they're not recommended for daily consumption.

Q:  How often should you eat a Clif bar?
A:  Eat a Clif bar two or three hours before the activity to help store energy in the muscles for use during activity. Snacking on a Clif bar during an activity like hiking or cycling can keep you going on your adventure. Eating a Clif bar after activity can help replace muscle glycogen.

Q:  Are Clif bars good post workout snacks?
A:  As a source of protein and carbohydrates, Clif bars can be a good post-workout snack for everyone struggling to meet their basic needs from whole food.

Q:  Can I eat Clif bars on keto?
A:  Yes, if you eat the Clif Bar Mini Chocolate Chip.

Q:  Is a Clif bar a meal replacement?
A:  No. It's not a nutrition bar.

Q:  Are Clif Bars vegan-friendly?
A:  All Clif Bars are vegan except for the Peanut Butter and Honey flavor.

Q:  Do Clif Bars really give you energy?
A:  They contain a blend of complex carbs for sustained energy and simple carbs that your body can break down fast for immediate energy.

Q:  What happens if you eat too many Clif Bars?
A:  You might experience a stomachache.

Q:  Do Clif Bars have a lot of sugar?
A:  A single Chocolate Chip Clif Bar contains 33 grams of sugar--a total Nutrition Label of 32% in terms of sugar.

Q:  Why are Clif Bars high in calories?
A:  Because they are energy bars. They are designed for endurance, post-workout energy replenishment, or outdoor activities.

Q:  Is there a slight chance I might order fake Clif Bars?
A:  Yes. But you can avoid that chance by ordering at online retailers such as Vitacost and iHerb. Amazon has a number of merchants who sell counterfeit health products, according to customers complaining in their reviews.

Q:  Is there a coupon code I can use when ordering Clif bars?
A:  Yes. Below, after the last customer review you'll find a coupon code so you can get 20% off on your order. Be sure to apply the coupon code at checkout.

What are Real Customers Saying?

Gregory Butler shares: "Really nice and tasty bars with 20g protein. Too good to be true? My preferred protein snack by far."

Meg shares: "It's good and fills you up with 20g of protein. With little bites it's very satisfying and good tasting."

Omar Steven shares: "I've bought from them multiple times. It's always sent to me quickly and the flavor is everything. I'm addicted to them. Got a great bulk going and these are a big reason why. If I'm a little short on protein for the day this is a quick 20 grams. Great for post workout as well." 

Reno shares: "My search for a healthier mid-morning snack alternative is over! I have been searching for something that is better than the typical work vending machine snack foods. I have tried the standard energy bars, but found them lacking. Clif Bars are a bit unusual. They have the rice/wheat texture you expect from a granola bar, but are more 'moist' than granola bars. The flavors are good, not overly sweet and the three varieties are enough that I have not grown tried of the 'same old' stuff."

J. Brown shares: "Clif Bars are amazing. They taste great, they're compact, and they're chock full of great stuff. I use these all the time when backpacking and I have to say that all other energy bars I've tried pale in comparison to the wonder that is the Clif bar. I also think they're great as an everyday snack and would easily pass over a Snickers bar to grab one of these!"

Skip Johnson shares: "Clif Bars provide the needed energy to keep you going when the energy from your meal runs out. I play golf almost every day and meal times tend to occur during a round. Rather than stop at the turn to get a sandwich, I eat a Clif bar and press on. They are satisfying, both flavorwise and from an energy replacement perspective. They don't melt in the heat and are very convenient to keep in the bag. I recommend them to anyone that needs an energy boost in the middle of something that cannot be stopped."

Kris shares: "I like Clif bars because the ingredients are purely natural. If you compare the ingredients to other energy bars, you will see what I mean. These taste great, have enough fiber and protein to fill you up for a while and definitely help you to sustain energy."

Jerald D. Lifsey shares: "Originally bought for use while on a bike ride, especially on long rides. It's a small, handy source of carbs to eat one per hour. They're also good for a quick snack or breakfast in the car."

C. Rogers shares: "Clif Bars are a natural, almost fully organic, nutrition bar. They are a well-balanced source of food. The Clif company is also very 'green' in their business practices. I highly recommend any of their products."

Where to Buy

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