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Top 10 Benefits of BroccoMax

The compound naturally found in broccoli are so beneficial to the human body, known for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties, and have been researched for its health benefits like a treatment for autism, cancer prevention, and heart health. Imagine, taking just one supplement once on a daily basis that can reverse your son's or daughter's autism, prevent you from getting cancer, and safeguard you from a heart attack! Many consumers are discovering multiple benefits, and consequently re-ordering BroccoMax. Here is a short list of what I considered to be the best benefits that you are most likely to experience from taking BroccoMax as directed:
1. Jumpstarts detoxification

2. Lowers high blood pressure

3. Reduces inflammation/arthritis

4. Prevents & treats advanced cancer

5. Improves heart function

6. Improves autistic symptoms

7. Normalizes bowel movement

8. Promotes healthy liver

9. Fights obesity by burning excess fat

10. Lowers blood glucose levels


The supplement's main ingredient is broccoli seed extract, and it provides 30 mg of sulforaphane glucosinolate per serving.  BroccoMax is 20 times more concentrated that ordinary broccoli, containing a standardized concentration of sulforaphane glucosinolate and enzyme myrosinase which comes from broccoli seeds. The product supports healthy cell replication and liver health. It comes in 60 and 120 veggie capsules at 30 mg. Because BroccoMax has grown wildly popular in recent times, it
 may be unavailable and sold out at well-known retailers. Customers are reporting other health benefits in addition to the ones mentioned above.


Sulforaphane Glucosinolate in a proprietary blend containing myrosinase enzyme, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, water, and calcium ascorbate.


Take 1 capsule daily with food.

BroccoMax FAQ

Q:  What is broccoMax used for?

A:  Since it has antioxidant properties, it can stimulate the natural detoxifying enzymes, reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Q:  What does sulforaphane do for your body?

A:  By neutralizing toxins sulforaphane also calms inflammation in one's body, which has been connected to cancer. Certain studies have demonstrated that sulforaphane blocks mutations in DNA which led to cancer.

Q:  Can you take too much sulforaphane?

A:  High doses of sulforaphane may cause major sedation, hypothermia, impairment of motor coordination, and reduced skeletal muscle strength.

Q:  What's the ideal mg of sulforaphane to be taken safely?

A:  The suggested amount is about 400 mcg daily.

Q:  Is sulforaphane good for the liver?

A:  Dietary consumption of sulforaphane is now known to protect against liver-related injuries.

Q:  How should sulforaphane be taken?

A:  It should be taken on an empty stomach anytime.

Q:  Does sulforaphane cause any side effects?

A:  Sulforaphane may cause stomach upset, gastrointestinal discomfort, and weight gain.

Q:  Does sulforaphane detox your body?

A:  Sulforaphane also promotes detoxification activity in your body by inducing enzymes involved in metabolism of harmful toxins by your liver.

Q:  How long does it take sulforaphane to work?

A:  You usually experience results after 2 weeks of taking sulforaphane, like growth of a patient's cancer cells slowing.

Q:  Can sulforaphane prevent cancer?

A:  Currently, there exists growing evidence that a phytochemical compound called sulforaphane found in broccoli is effective in both preventing and even treating different cancers like breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, skin, urinary bladder and oral cancers.

Q:  Does sulforaphane reduce inflammation?

A:  Yes, by sulforaphane inhibiting inflammatory responses of Primary Human T-Cells.

Q:  Does sulforaphane have interactions with any medications?

A:  There are no reported interactions between this supplement and drugs.

Q:  Can I take sulforaphane while pregnant?

A:  Yes

Q:  Is sulforaphane keto-friendly?

A:  Yes

Q:  Does sulforaphane make you sleepy?

A:  Sulforaphane increases melatonin production, which can improve quality of sleep.

Q:  Is there a remote chance I may end up buying a fake BroccoMax online?

A:  Always. But to reduce greatly that possibility, order BroccoMax online at retailers such as Vitacost and iHerb. Amazon has a number of merchants who sell counterfeit health products, according to the complaints from customers. 

Q:  Is there a coupon code that I can apply at checkout when ordering BroccoMax?

A:  Yes. Below after the last review you'll see a coupon code for saving 20% on your order.

What are Real Customers Saying?

There are numerous customers discovering the wonderful health benefits that BroccoMax provides. Here are some reviews from genuine customers:

Wex R. shares: "Our son is diagnosed level 2 on the autism spectrum. When he was 2-4 we really struggled. He was nonverbal, had an extremely difficult time with transitions, and became aggressive. Most of that was probably frustration with not being able to communicate his needs or understand ours. We started Broccomax just after he turned 4. Still nonverbal at the time. Within a month we noticed increased communication not only in words from him, but receptive to us. It was amazing and has proven I think to be a huge factor in his tremendous growth over the last year. We still give it to him daily and will continue to do so. We open the capsule in his milk. I feel like this product has changed our lives, given us hope for the future, and our son can thrive now. He is now saying 3-4 word sentences!"

Robert shares: "Learned about sulforaphane from the JRE podcast with Rhonda Patrick. Looked into it further and this seemed like something I should be taking. No pre-existing health issues, but I have noticed that I breathe easier when I run, and my skin seems healthier. Vascularity is off the charts."  

Brian shares: "I bought this to see if it would help with my type 2 diabetes after reading about clinical trials that linked sulfurophane to lowered blood glucose levels. I started with one capsule in the evening, but after a week I had detected little improvement in my numbers. So I upped to 3 capsules per day and that made a huge difference for me; possibly because I'm a large person."

Samuel shares: "It has actually helped me improve my health. I suffer from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, and this helps regulate the enzymes in my liver and lose weight. Plus, a boost in energy."

Chris shares: "I started taking this last year after reading about its detoxifying properties. I used it as part of a holistic remedy I read about for a nasty antibiotic-induced CDiff infection, and the combination worked! I continue to take it daily and feel great overall; less joint pain, more energetic and even a cold now seems to last half the time. I can't bring myself to stop taking it."

A. Ramirez shares: "I've been using this since 2018, after researching alternative therapies for breast cancer. I had early stage hormone positive breast cancer, and this was recommended to me to control the cancer causing bad estrogens. I did have some adjustment to it with my stomach, but now it's fine. I take 3 daily and do it 30 minutes before eating. I've continued to do well with clear scans, and I attribute it to eating healthy, exercise, and using supplements like this."

Jack shares: "I have been taking Broccomax for about 6 months total, and I won't be without it. I used to get so winded going up and down our stairs. Now I don't. Big difference in my lung capacity since taking this supplement."

Sandra shares: "We are seeing a real difference in my 10-year-old Aspy that is taking this. I would never endorse something that I didn't see true difference from, and we are fussy about what goes into our kids."

Lawrence shares: "I have been using this with great success battling my stage lV cancer over the past two years."

Rebecca shares: "I truly felt a difference while taking these. Overall better mood, better metabolism, clearer complexion, and clarity. I figured I would try it. I'm glad I did! This will always be part of my daily vitamins."

Tina shares: "Great stuff. I credit it with helping to keep me alive (I have stage lV cancer). I recommended it to a friend who has a different cancer. It has helped her too."

Where to Buy

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