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 Nutrex Hawaii Bioastin Hawaiin Astaxanthin 12mg - 2 Bottles, 120 Gel Caps Each


BioAstin's Hawaiian astaxanthin is so powerful that its potency is much greater than Vitamins A, E, C, CoQ10, and green tea. The product is yeast, gluten, lactose, BSE, and GMO free.

Top 9 Benefits

Here are the main health benefits that have been associated with BioAstin:

  • Cellular protection
  • Enhanced immune function
  • Healthier skin
  • Endurance
  • Healthy heart
  • Joint pain relief
  • UV skin damage defense
  • Cognitive health
  • Vision improvement

What is Astaxanthin? 

Astaxanthin is a red pigment belonging to a group of chemicals known as carotenoids. It is found in natural sources such as algae, yeast, salmon, trout, krill, shrimp, and crayfish.

About BioAstin

The astaxanthin that's in BioAstin originates from natural Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae grown in Hawaii under the intense Hawaiian sun. Nutrex Hawaii is the leading producer of natural microalgae supplements from Hawaii. They control the entire process from the cultivation, harvest and processing of BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin products.

The supplement is farm-grown, non-GMO, and comes in softgels at various doses.


Natural Astaxanthin (from the Haematoccocus pluvialic microalgae)

Other ingredients:

safflower oil, gelatin, glycerin, purified water, natural tocopherols.

Side Effects

Laboratory studies have indicated that astaxanthin might hinder an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase. In consequence, it can prevent testosterone from changing into the hormone DHT in the body.

Yet another but smaller study showed that astaxanthin together with saw palmetto actually increased testosterone, which can help libido (WebMd). The contradictory studies only mean that far more research on astaxanthin is needed.

Recommended Safe Dosage

Take one 12 mg of gel cap daily with food, preferably with a meal that contains some fat or oil, for fats help with the absorption of astaxanthin.

BioAstin FAQ

Q:  What is BioAstin good for?
A:  Derived from its excellent antioxidant activity, it supports natural inflammatory response, improves skin, joint, and muscle health.

Q:  Is BioAstin the same as astaxanthin?
A:  BioAstin is a brand of astaxanthin which is grown in Kona, Hawaii by Nutrex Hawaii.

Q:  What is BioAstin made of?
A:  BioAstin contains natural Hawaiian astaxanthin and additional ingredients such as glycerin, gelatin, purified water, high oleic safflower oil, and natural tocopherols.

Q:  Does taking astaxanthin cause any side effects?
A:  Taking astaxanthin may cause red stool color and increased bowel movements. Greater doses of astaxanthin may cause tummy aches.

Q:  Could I take astaxanthin longer than 3 months?
A:  Anyone can take astaxanthin long term since it's a carotenoid rich antioxidant similar to those found in food sources.

Q:  Is astaxanthin perfectly safe for my kidneys?
A:  According to Japan study, astaxanthin shows protective effects against tubular injury in kidneys.

Q:  Is astaxanthin good for the liver?
A:  Studies have shown that astaxanthin has preventive and therapeutic effects on liver fibrosis, liver tumors, liver ischemia-reperfusion injury, non-alcoholic fatty liver and other related diseases.

Q:  Does BioAstin have interactions with any medications?
A:  Caution is advised in patients taking drugs, herbs, and supplements that lower blood pressure.

Q:  Is BioAstin vegan and vegetarian-friendly?
A:  Astaxanthin is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It's also approved kosher.

Q:  Can pregnant women safely take BioAstin?
A:  It should not be used by pregnant or lactating women.

Q:  When is the best time to take BioAstin?
A:  Take one gel cap daily with food. BioAstin is best absorbed when taken with food or a meal that contains fat.

Q:  How long does it take BioAstin to work on average?
A:  Positive results are commonly experienced within 2 to 6 weeks of continuous daily use of astaxanthin.

Q:  What happens if I take BioAstin every day?
A:  Astaxanthin is safe to take daily as a supplement. Doses of 4 to 18 mg daily are considered safe.

Q:  How much BioAstin is recommended to be taken?
A:  If you take BioAstin for only joint health, you are advised to take the max dose of 18 mg each day.

Q:  Does astaxanthin help arthritis?
A:  It has been shown that astaxanthin could significantly reduce the effects of MSU-induced inflammation by preventing the creation of inflammatory mediators.

Q:  Does astaxanthin affect heart rate?
A:  Yes, but in a positive manner such as experiencing a reduction.

Q:  Is there a chance I might end up ordering a fake BioAstin product?
A:  Always. To avoid falling prey, order BioAstin products at online retailers such as Vitacost and iHerb. Amazon has many merchants who sell counterfeit health products, according to the complaints from customers in their reviews.

Q:  Is there a coupon code I can use when ordering BioAstin online?
A:  Yes. Below you'll find after the last review a coupon code that you can apply at checkout to save 20% on your order.

Reviews from Real Customers

Orion shares: "BioAstin is a high quality astaxanthin from the Pacific Ocean. I am 66 and I live in Colorado. I hike and explore the mountains often. No aches or pains and it helps my eyesight. One a day. You will be amazed by the results on how your body feels and better energy."

Anna shares: "Increased the mobility in my total hip replacement."

Edith shares: "Very good. I've been taking them since 2011. My eyesight has not deteriorated as fast as it used to. I actually go back and wear previous glasses."

Suzette shares: "Protects your skin and lots of good stuff. Been taking this brand daily for years and never had a sunburn since."

Marlene shares: "That it's natural pain relief and supports side effects, because I had back and spinal cord surgery, and I used it naturally for recovery. I recommend to anyone."

Amanda shares: "Love this stuff. I take it for the joint benefits (have been for about 2 years now), but the skin and eye benefits are an added bonus."

Randy shares: "It helps release a good supply of energy throughout the day, plus providing immune protection."

Susan shares: "Helps out with the arthritis in my knees."

Devon shares: "After taking my first pill last week, I woke up the next morning and the sciatica (pain) that has been going through my entire left side for 3 months felt 80% better. I've now taken 6 pills and I have a lot of energy, and my back, hip, and leg feel much better."

John shares: "Really helps to control inflammation."

Adriana shares: "I bought this brand initially trying this product with a different company. After being out two weeks from a sprain in my back, I went right into jogging 3 miles with no pain or I've been taking this particular brand for about two weeks. I can feel the difference as I breathe while jogging. I feel no pain in my joints and my muscles do not get fatigued. My lungs feel amazing as I breathe during my 3.5 mile run. This product truly delivers what it promises. I am completely satisfied."

Bernie shares: "I had suffered with these eye issues for two years. One would go away and then another would show up soon thereafter. I had used very expensive eye drops, eye washes, hot soaks, several surgeries, medication and seen various doctors throughout my ordeal. It was a plague for me as I have missed vacations because they would get so bad. Just terrible. One doctor suggested that I begin taking fish oil and that did not work at all. I was already taking supplements on a regular basis, so when I came across BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin and started taking this product, my stye started to clear up within a couple of days! A miracle cure for me. I have not had a stye in two years. I will never be without this awesome product."

Where to Buy BioAstin?

BioAstin is now available at Walmart, Costco, eBay, Amazon, and Allstarhealth. Get it for less at iHerb.

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