Is Hitler Roaring in Mad Laughter as the US Turns into Another Nazi State?

With all that has taken place already and continues to happen but more or less subtly, I sincerely feel like I am living in communist China. I'll give you some idea why I believe the United States is going straight to Hell in a Nazi fashion: 

Over the past 6 months many of my forum posts have been shot down! That's right, they have just vanished mysteriously as if never existing! Where's my basic right of freedom of expression as an American? I have been noticing that even my forum accounts have started disappearing without administrators notifying me what's wrong. You dismiss contemptuously these incidents as coincidental, but more than 5 forum accounts vanishing without a trace are not coincidences! 

At certain forums I can never post anything new; each time I have tried, something weird always happens that prevents me from posting. 

While I was building and attempting to add the first three lines of a summary for describing my latest "ebook," King of the Bullies, which had the words "largely true," these lines kept magically disappearing from the web page after I had pressed the save button. 

Oppression has escalated to such an unthinkable, ridiculous peak that I was first forced to do the following: 1. Go to Starbucks every day so I can use its free Internet service to resume building links for my websites to keep them alive. 2. Then to the public libraries to work on a number of online projects. 3. Finally, now to department stores very regularly, where I adopt the role of a customer, roam about the aisles filled with laptops on display, surf the web and work as before. Although I have a HP laptop and Internet connection available at home, I can never use either, for my "mysterious oppressor" pops up and aggressively blocks all my attempts to go online.

Side Bar: For sure, many of you, if not every person reading this forum post, thinks I must be imagining these incidents. If you are yet on the fence and want actual visual proof, read the next incident. 

I have started on my latest Internet project, cancer care insider, a website offering free insights into top-ranking cancer hospitals in the US. A few days into building this website, my oppressor struck once again; this time he caused the image of  Abramson Cancer Center Reviews to superimpose over the web pages's heading, and only allowed the first few letters of the word "Abramson" to appear. Please, go to the top of the menu of cancer care insider, visit "Abramson Cancer Center Reviews" link, you'll see visual proof, and perhaps now realize that I am not making this stuff up! As much as I tried to correct this "corruption," I could not get the image to drop a little. Why would I sabotage my own website? On another project corruption was more fully realized after I added some content at And what can I possibly gain by doing this? This is a typical example of what I call "sneak attack." Why do you suppose I quit trying to add images of cancer centers? This mysterious person won't let me do so without making the image superimpose over the web page's heading. 

On June 30 of this year, 2021, I placed an order at Amazon totaling exactly $118.52. On August 25, I received a very odd email from Amazon in my inbox informing me that I have been charged $118.52, again! I called customer service and could only get them to refund me $110.19, stealing $8.33 for no good rational reason! 

Most of the last presidential elections were manipulated in one way or another. 

If you suspect only slightly that voting corruption detracted from the most recent election, you will want to read Who Stole Donald Trump’s Presidency in the 2020 Election? In this article I substantiate two critical factors: 
1) Election voting systems were hacked. 

2) The party responsible for the criminal act. 

I painted a consistent "picture" because I know it's only human nature to doubt everything that seems initially "far-fetched" in any narrative.

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