Learn How to Avoid Major Pitfalls When Booking Cheap Flights


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You may not know, nor suspect that you may be losing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every time you book flights to wherever. Why? Simply by relying too heavily on deeply ingrained misconceptions that amount to myths circulating the travel industry. If you prefer to save hundreds of dollars each time you book a flight, continue reading. Don't commit the unforgivable mistake of leaving and not reading the last myth, for it can save you thousands of dollars each year.
Myth #1:  Clear your cookies or search incognito to find the best prices
Airlines for certain aren't tracking everyone's searches, nor logging what flights, or other stuff you are looking at to manipulate rates when you choose to purchase. This isn't occurring. Of course, we could clearly understand how it can make sense if you consider how dynamic pricing work in most industries. 
Myth #2:  There is a perfect time to book airline tickets
There really exists no such thing as a one-size-fits-all specific time for booking cheap flights since plane ticket prices are amazingly volatile; in fact, the best time to book airline tickets actually depends on a range of complicated factors that include destination, seasonality, and, of course, your booking requirements.
Myth #3:  Websites can predict accurate prices
Any website which predicts flight rates are really only taking an educated guess that's based on something such as historical pricing. But do not place too much confidence on these predictions. Why not? Because the past is not always the best indicator and a jump in demand such as a major event like the world series can influence the price of flight tickets to change outside their normal historical range.
Myth #4:  Book as early as possible
This idea of booking extremely cheap flights is a belief that's been deeply inscribed in the minds of countless fliers, misleading them to race to their cellular phones to secure their seats way in advance. However, it's not necessarily the absolutely best decision.
CheapAir's chart revealed that before 5.5 months, flight ticket prices could be far much more costly. But then, around 3 weeks prior to your departing flight, the price has the tendency to skyrocket. Thus, the actual best time frame for nabbing the cheapest flights usually falls during the period of 1.5 to 5.5 months before your departure.
Myth #5:  There exists only one best booking website
We all often observe flight ticket prices differ from one website to another. Why does this happen? Because third-party OTAs such as Expedia frequently purchase flight tickets in quantity and the actual ticket price depends largely on what booking class these OTAs have purchased. In addition, the masses can be booking at the same time, and as the more cheaper seats disappear, naturally the prices rise.
That's exactly why, although you may love Google Flights and Skyscanner, prior to booking any flight, it may be really smart to check many other websites.
Myth #6:  Hidden-city ticketing is a clever trick to save money
Even though this may appear logical enough to violate rules in order to grab a hefty discount, and you have paid the two flights, airlines still lose money when booked seats are not filled. 
This method gives fliers a way to book a multiple-city flight ticket that can cost significantly less. Know that nearly all major airlines now have regulations that do not permit this kind of travel in their contract of carriage. And also know that if caught doing so, they can cancel anyone's flight as well as threaten to remove your beloved frequent flier account--all legally. It may be wise not to avoid this type of behavior.
Myth #7:  Saturday night stopovers are needed for lower airfares
Nowadays, the Saturday night stopover requirement/rule has become less common. Plus, with the arrival of low cost airlines such as Spirit and Southwest, business fliers do not command the same power of sway as before.

Myth #8:  Booking one-way tickets is not as economical as round-trip 

It might appear completely reasonable purchasing a round-trip flight as cheaper than the one-way option. In fact, that was how it used to be for a long time. Everyone who flew regularly knew that one-way airline tickets were always lower, travelers may buy a different airline when returning home. Most airlines maintained round-trip ticket rates low in order to ensure that their passengers would travel on the same airline for both ways of the trip.
But with times having changed and price competition growing more aggressive, buying one-way flights could at times be cheaper as compared to a round-trip option that offers the same flight.
Conduct your own research and then compare several airline tickets regarding one-way as well as round-trip configurations to ensure that you're actually getting the best prices. Who doesn't want cheap flights?

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