PerfectAmino: Athletes' & Bodybuilders' Secret Weapon

PerfectAminoXP - Powder | White bottle with blue label. Strawberry 30, 60, and 120 serving bottles.

What is PerfectAmino?

Perfect Amino is a high-quality protein supplement formulated with a blend of 8 essential amino acids that the human body is unfortunately unable to produce. A lot of first-time customers in fact do notice an immediate result after taking a few tablets or a scoop or two. Why? Because PerfectAmino is the real deal, for regular people who want an edge and for athletes and bodybuilders who require something extra to keep going with greater intensity.

PerfectAmino by BodyHealth is Vegan and is manufactured in a US cGMP facility where it's tested to ensure purity and the highest standards. The amino acids found in this product originate from non-GMO plant and veggie source. It was doctor-designed to boost both energy and stamina. In order to maintain strength and stamina, all your cells require the correct balance of all 8 essential amino acids. Thus, why PerfectAmino promotes a higher energy level and enhances greater performance. The product comes in various tablet counts and a powdered drink mix. Now you can save 20% by applying the coupon code that's listed below after the last review.

Do you need more energy and staying power for tackling either a harder task at work or finishing your intense workout? If yes, look no further.

Pre/Post Workout Benefits

Since your body can utilize 99% of PerfectAmino, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased protein intake
  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Maximal endurance
  • Prevention of muscle loss
  • Increased muscle recovery
  • Maintenance of muscle mass
  • Enhanced muscle growth 

Dosage (1 serving consists of 1 scoop or 5 tablets)

  • Up to 110 lbs: take 1-2 servings immediately when you get up or prior to bedtime
  • 110-140 lbs: take 2 servings immediately when you get up or prior to bedtime
  • 140-170 lbs: take no less than 2 servings in the morning and 1 before bedtime
  • 170-200 lbs: take at least 2 servings in the morning and 1-2 before bedtime

PerfectAmino FAQ

Q: What essential amino acids are found in PerfectAmino?

A:  L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, L-Lysine Hydrochloride, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Methionine, L-Trypt

Q:  What is PerfectAmino used for?

A:  For maintaining muscle mass, increasing energy, quickening recovery, and getting all needed essential proteins that you can't from your diet.

Q:  Can vegans and vegetarians take PerfectAmino?

A:  Yes. The essential amino acids in PerfectAmino are plant sourced.

Q:  Is PerfectAmino Paleo and Keto-friendly?

A:  Yes

Q:  Does PerfectAmino cause any adverse side effects?

A:  Though side effects are quite rare because your body needs essential amino acids to function properly, a few individuals have reported experiencing short-term water retention and muscle cramps.

Q:  Isn't PerfectAmino only for bodybuilders and athletes?

A:  No. Anyone can supplement with PerfectAmino in order to get the eight essential amino acids that are missing from the average American diet.

Q:  What is the normal dosage for amino acid/protein tablets?

A:  The recommended dosage is about 5 grams daily, which PerfectAmino provides with 5 tablets.

Q:  When is the best time to take PerfectAmino?

A:  Prior to workouts and before going to bed in order to enhance recovery. But it also can be taken 30 minutes before workouts to maximize endurance and prevent muscle loss.

Q:  How many PerfectAmino tablets/scoops should I take daily?

A:  If you have either a health condition or a persistent chronic disease, you're advised to take 2 to 3 doses daily. Otherwise, follow the recommended dosage listed above according to your weight.

Q:  Does PerfectAmino replace protein?

A:  Yes, since each 5-gram serving of PerfectAmino (1 scoop or 5 tablets) is the same or equivalent to about 30 grams of soy protein, whey, or collagen, yet has just a few calories.

Q:  Does PerfectAmino build muscle?

A:  PerfectAmino's ideal mix of amino acids provides your body the building blocks to manufacture all the proteins it requires. Thus, by taking PerfectAmino, you could start building new, stronger muscle.

Q:  How long does it take PerfectAmino to work?

A:  Since PerfectAmino is pure essential amino acids which is 99% utilized by your body to build new collagen and protein, it's thoroughly absorbed into your bloodstream usually within 23 minutes.

Q:  Can PerfectAmino suppress my appetite?

A:  Both non-essential and essential amino acids have been known to curb appetite.

Q:  Can PerfectAmino help fight fatigue?

A:  Yes, but only if you take PerfectAmino consistently on a daily basis.

Q:  Does PerfectAmino come only in tablets?

A:  No; it's also available in a powder form in flavors like lime and berry. However, many customers have complained that the powder form, regardless of flavor, tastes awful. So, you are advised to take PerfectAmino tablets.

Q:  Which is better PerfectAmino tablets or powder?

A:  It depends on preference and convenience, and if you can handle the unpleasant taste of the powder drink. 

Q:  Should I worry about ordering fake PerfectAmino?

A:  Yes, many customers have complained about buying counterfeit health-related products from unethical merchants, especially at Amazon. To completely avoid this potential possibility of falling prey, always order PerfectAmino at the BodyHealth website listed below to ensure that you get the real and genuine product. Why take risks?

Q:  Is there a coupon code I can use when ordering PerfectAmino online?

A:  Yes: a coupon code is listed below in the end of the customer reviews.


Are you wondering if PerfectAmino actually works?  If yes, find out by reading the reviews below by real customers taking PerfectAmino daily.

  • David Winarchik shares: "I can say without hesitation that this product is incredible! I am 60+ years of age, and within a day of taking it, I felt as if I were 40 again."
  • J. Valkonen shares: "PerfectAmino provides the essential amino acids that your body cannot make but are necessary for optimal physiologic functions. I heal faster from injuries. I recover faster from training. And I sleep better. Due to the absorption straight from the stomach into the bloodstream, it's efficiently used by the body. I am therefore able to cut back on animal protein in my diet. It's safe for children and lactating mothers. I also crushed them and gave them to my father when he had difficulty swallowing but needed to prevent muscle loss."
  • Villareal shares:  "I bought these supplements primarily when I started working out intensely. What I immediately noticed is despite the intensity of my workouts I did not have any muscle soreness or stiffness. Wow! Yes! In addition to that I found that I could take them on an empty stomach as they are made from food, and it would satiate me so that I didn't feel the urge to have a snack I don't need or satisfy my craving so I don't eat an unhealthy snack. Great product! I will definitely buy again."
  • Cathleen shares:  "As an active triathlete this is a regular supplement I use on a daily basis. I find I recover quickly."
  • John green shares:  "This is the best protein product I have run across. I take it every morning first thing. I am a 54 year old triathlete and this product has got me performing like I am in my 20's again. If you are looking for the strongest nutritional supplement to give you that extra strength or endurance, this is it. I have spent thousands of dollars over the last 3 years looking for the supplement for athletes. I can save you all the time and money; here it is."
  • Azam shares:  "I'm on my second bottle of this stuff, and so far loving the results. I'm already active and eat healthy so I added this as a protein supplement I take before my morning workouts (I only take 5/day) I also count this towards my protein macros. So far, I've had amazing results. The energy I get to power through my workouts has been phenomenal. The amount of time it takes my sore body to recover has literally been cut in half. I will continue to take these as I've had no bad side effects, only positive changes. I'm leaning out faster. The pills are chalky and big, but I find are easier to swallow with a flavored drink like a pre-workout. Is this a magic pill? No. Can this be used supplementally to an already healthy lifestyle? absolutely."
  • Ray Clark shares:  "These EASS's are game-changers...period! I am a natural pro bodybuilder and fitness enthuiast. I felt amazing the first time I took these! I have powder and pills. I take pills before training and drink powder during training. These give me another gear! I am convinced these are the best protein source on the planet as far as utilization. I recover so much faster when I consume these on daily basis. I will not be without these as long as I am training and breathing!"
  • Ponch shares:  "I've been using a lot of supplements over the years, but this Perfect Amino I would have to say has got them beat. Five pills daily and about an hour before a workout and it's like putting Nitros in your gas tank. I don't fatigue as fast which allows me to bring my workouts to a whole different level of cardio and fitness, and the best thing is I'm not as sore the next day and my appetite is reduced so I'm not eating as much when I finally do get to eat. As an added benefit, I'm sleeping better, my mental acuity is better, I'm starting to get back to what I was lifting in my 30s, and my sex drive has increased! I'm going to be 64 in a few months and for the longest time I was just going through the motions when it came to workouts. If there is such a thing as the fountain of youth this comes pretty close!"
  • Frank Cselku shares: "I have been using PerfectAmino for over 6 months. I have had great results in maintaining muscle mass (I'm 63) and I have noticed improved recovery following heavy weight sessions."
  • David Smith shares: "Hi, I have been taking Perfect Amino since 2004; it was then known as MAP. I came across it when I did the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon. I was desperate; I said to my wife I'm not going to finish this race till I went to the EXPO and talked to Dr. Minkoff a week before the race; he advised me to take 10 a day for a week, take 10 before the race, and 5 every four hours during the race. I finished the race and felt like I could keep going, and I put it down to Perfect Amino. Since then I have completed 29 Ironman. I'm 69 and currently training to do my 30 Ironman. I put my longevity in the sport to Perfect Amino. I take 5 in the morning and 5 at night every day, and on heavy training days 5 more. If any athlete out there struggles with training and recovery, I would suggest you give it a go."

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