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NameCheap at a Glance

NameCheap, based in Phoenix, Arizona and founded in 2000, is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar offering domain name registration, budget web hosting, dedicated server hosting (VPN), nameservers, email forwarding, private emails, domain name transfers, and whois services. The company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on their web hosting services, plans beginning at only $1.88 per month with 100% uptime guarantee and 24/7 Live Chat Support

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I have listed a few genuine reviews from actual and existing customers of NameCheap, so you can decide whether or not to register a new domain name with this company.

John Elrod shares: "I don't think creating a web domain account could be any easier! The application form was simple and straightforward, with assistance available with a single click. We were quite impressed with the quality of your registration process and forms. There was no need to ask questions because each step was thoroughly detailed and explained. Thanks."

Vasileios Giannakopoulos shares: "I think Namecheap is a great company. They are thinking all the time what kind of services they should offer and the prices are good."

Joe France shares: "Namecheap is trustworthy and reliable--can't say that for all of them. Pricing is great and fair."

Craig shares: "Namecheap customer service has been excellent in keeping me moving forward and solving problems when I find myself out of my depth in managing our online website. I've never had to wait to get an answer through their chat or support service."

Ali Shirani shares: "Most cost-effective services with world's best support team. Highly recommend."

Frank shares: "The best so far. I love discounted domains and the fact they accept crypto as payment. Swift support and fast response."

Shasta shares: "The process was so easy! I was looking for a domain name. I searched my keyword and up popped a list of available possibilities and the prices for each. I found the perfect one--really cheap--$10 per year! The checkout was quick and easy. I received a few emails right away about how to proceed from there. This company is easy to work with and they do what they say they will!"

Adam shares: "Reliable transactions are processed instantly. Services are always on-line. High quality performance. Everything works perfectly. Additional options to keep domains safe and secure. Helpful notifications and summary reports. Important messages available via Namecheap panel too. Newcomers and professionals can find nice deals. Many setup options. Live support is available. Many years already and no problems. Thank you." 

Najia Sulaiman shares: "Using their service for 2 years or more. There are a lot of reasons why I think they are the #1 hosting provider in the world. Unbelievable uptime. I'm a self-taught so I got some issues with VPS and shared as well. The live chat system helped to solve the issue and solved it within few minutes. Excellent hosting; also the reason why I chose them over others. Yes, they do accept bitcoins. Thank you Namecheap for understanding global customers."

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Namecheap FAQ

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