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Survey Junkie at a Glance

Survey Junkie is an authentic survey platform that truly pays you for simply voicing out your personal opinions. All you have to do is meet the program's requirements; then you will be rewarded through cash and gift cards. The surveys are comprised of different kinds of consumer goods, and a survey may take just 2 minutes or more time to complete.

So, you too could begin to make money online by doing work from home by getting paid for surveys. With over 44.6k customer reviews from TrustPilot giving Survey Junkie 4.2 out of 5 and Better Business Bureau rating it at 4.2 out of 5 via over 1,450 customer reviews, ensure that Survey Junkie isn't a scam.

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Find out if genuine and real customers actually make money online with Survey Junkie.

Renee Storteboom shares: "I appreciate how often I qualify for surveys rather than spending a lot of time answering questions only to be disqualified."

Krystle Warnock shares: "Great surveys based on your responses. Great simple and easy pay out. Worth the time if you enjoy taking surveys."

Mikie Bollmeyer shares: "This is the best online survey site, and they treat their people right. I rarely have any issues, and when I do the tech team always gets the issue asap. Thank you Survey Junkie."

Bert Ostenberg shares: "This is a new site for me. Answer surveys and earn money. Small rewards add up quickly."

Anthony shares: "This is the first and only real online survey that actually pays for your time and opinions, and doesn't have 100,000 pop-ups and ads, and actually does what it says, and which is take surveys and get paid for it. I have tried for years and never actually found one that is supposed to do what they claim, and this is the first one. I love it. Highly recommended!"

Tonya Everhart shares: "I enjoy taking the surveys very much. It's been a great way to make some extra cash while I'm just sitting here watching TV. I do like the fact that you get paid out for every $5 that you reach. That's awesome and I'm just going to continue marching forward. Thank you for the opportunity and I appreciate you."

Samantha Wanner shares: "Love it. It's the best and you get real money!"

Dana shares: "I've been here for a while. Didn't have problems. I highly recommend it."

Chelsea Lugo shares: "I really like that if you don't qualify for a survey, you still get points. That really helps and makes Survey Junkie different than a lot of survey websites. I also like that you can get money back at 10 dollars and it's not just gift cards; it's actual money. Survey Junkie has helped me financially for several years now, and I won't stop using it any time soon."

Thomas Williams shares: "Survey Junkie has the best surveys; they are informative; they sometimes help me know what date the voting election is on. The only thing I dislike is a limit of surveys on the weekend."

Marie Shell shares: "Survey Junkie is the real deal. A lot of good surveys, a lot of opportunities to earn extra points, and cashing out is easy. You get money in a matter of days. Best side hustle ever!"

Creede Stafford shares: "I've had a great experience using Survey Junkie because not only do you get to earn free money using the app, but you also get limited time offers and free products. Overall Survey Junkie is a great app to use!"

Somer shares: "I was recommended this site to make extra income and it's the first time I'm getting real results and real cash. 10/10 I love it."

Lorrie Shaw shares: "I was looking for a way to make extra money and my husband found this. They are fabulous! Payout is instant and the surveys are really good!"

Jeff Fried shares: "Love using your platform. Clean layout, user friendly, no gimmicks, and consistently fair and square. It doesn't have all the distracting, confusing bells and whistles that other survey sites use. I give you high marks for the instant Paypal payouts; that is a truly valuable aspect. The surveys are generally pleasant and enjoyable to engage in.  It's a huge plus that you give a few points rewards when one has attempted but has not been considered eligible for a particular survey. My experience has been excellent thus far!"

If you want to start to make money online by sharing your opinions and earning points that are converted into rewards in a form of gift cards and cash, sign up here.

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