Fascinating Facts About Fiverr that You Never Suspected

First of all, Fiverr has grown exponentially in the last few years, becoming one of the world's biggest marketplaces where freelancers can offer their services online and customers can search for what they need and hire whoever, whether it's at Basic, Standard, or Premium plan.

Of course, there always exist both negative and positive points about everything under the sun, and Fiverr is no exception. Learn what are the 8 Fascinating facts about Fiverr by continuing to read my list below:

1.  Fiverr gives work for millions

The little known fact is that over 3 million registered freelancers signed up by 2012. This means Fiverr is a great place to begin if you require anyone to do a one-time job for you.

2.  Fiverr expanded by 600 percent!

The company has experienced amazing growth very early in its short history. The most extraordinary is that they launched their service first in 2010; in only two years Fiverr was already hosting over 1.3 million gigs via their site. The sheer volume of transactions conducted on the website has exploded by 600% from the time frame of 2012 to the present.

3.  The company had a unique beginning

The two founders are Shai Wininger and Micha Kafman. Wininger was the one who dreamed up the original idea for a marketplace where there would be a two-sided platform for both buying and selling digital services.

4.  Amazon.com takes legal action against Fiverr

In October 2015, Amazon.com sued the company. Claims were made against over 1,100 Fiverr sellers who added counterfeit reviews on the US version of the website. Amazon does everything in its power to keep their reviews genuine and such actions violated their terms of use and putting forth these types of fake claims are truly fraudulent.

5.  Fiverr bought two smaller companies

It's not uncommon for a big company to acquire smaller companies which will fortify their overall portfolio. First in its history, Fiverr bought off VeedMe, which was a smart move since it's a video creation marketplace that would only enhance the services that are offered by Fiverr freelancers. Next, they purchased AND CO in 2018. AND CO is a software maker that's intended for freelancers.

6.  The public lashes out against Fiverr in 2014

Fiverr received harsh criticism on account of making an ad which promoted extremely cost-effective graphics services. When they hinted that people were overpaying for design on a Facebook ad, it was somewhat over the top. Before this happened, they limited their freelancers to an unusually low cost of only $5 for providing graphics services and were profiting off them, whereas freelancers got peanuts for their services. But after the public outcry, Fiverr removed the base price of $5 for the service and began permitting their designers to charge more appropriate fees.

7.  Fiverr was scolded for promoting unhealthy habits

The company was criticized more harshly in 2017. They became villainous by portraying extreme work behaviors and unhealthy lifestyles as ideals which everyone ought to copy as well.

8.  YouTube fans were incensed with Fiverr

In 2018, Fiverr again runs into trouble by generating controversy and negative reactions. This time it came from YouTube fans. They were really upset that Fiverr allowed the freelancer Pete Accetturo to create a satirical video which turned viral on YouTube. Why all the noise? In the video he was requesting the audience to reveal their credit card information. 

But despite all the negatives, controversy, and "clumsiness," Fiverr still remains a good location online where anyone can offer their services and potential buyers can now afford to pay for services but at a fraction of what would normally cost elsewhere.

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Fascinating Facts About Fiverr that You Never Suspected

First of all, Fiverr has grown exponentially in the last few years, becoming one of the world's biggest marketplaces where freelancers...